My Videos

BBC Radio Leeds interview – my journey to an ostomy

Here, I raise some positive IBD and ostomy awareness and highlight that it does not need to define who you are! (Dec 3, 2018).

Leeds Local video interview – ‘How an ostomy works’

The was filmed to support 2018 ‘Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week’. In it I try and demystify and explain how an ostomy works! (Dec 1, 2018).

In hospital just after waking up from surgery!

I filmed this video more or less straight after I woke up from surgery. I think I was still under the influence of general anaesthetic! (Nov 20, 2018).

Introducing ‘Tom’s Gut Reaction’ – why I set it up

I explain here that my mission is to normalise perceptions of ostomy life within the mainstream and demonstrate that you can continue to live life to the full.(Oct 6, 2018).

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